Monday, 3 May 2010

Internet Conversation pictures

Pictures from Internet Conversation at the Co-Prosperity Sphere for Version Fest 2010.
Visual chatters included Dain Oh, Nate Hitchcock, Sarah Weis, Parker Ito, Brinton Holland and Jose Gaviria.

One of the monitors broke.

A smoke machine going off while Jose and Parker are writing things on the screen.

Sarah eats Constant's face in the tinychat.

m00t joins the tinychat.

Brinton showing porn on top of a 3d render of an office.

Text selected by Sarah and Nate.

Sarah and Nate liking Neen:

Neen mashup1: Takeshi Murata and Angelo Plessas

Neen mashup2: Rafael Rozendaal with Johanna Lundberg , Jenna Sutela & Timo Koro

special thanks to Jose Gaviria and Theo Darst!