Monday, 28 June 2010

Crates and Laptops pictures

Crates and Laptops took place at LIVESINNY$LA, Chicago, IL.

Works by:
Chris Collins, Arend deGruyter-Helfer, Louis Doulas, Daniel Everett, Bea Fremderman, Brian Khek, Jason Lazarus, Evan and Andre Lenox, Duncan Malashock, Nicholas O'Brien, Nik Pence, Tabor Robak, Micah Schippa, Brad Troemel, Sarah Weis

Installation by Micah Shippa

Video by Brad Troemel, installed by IT2TS

Sound and video installation by Sarah Weis

Installation by Brian Khek

Installation by Bea Fremderman

Email by Jason Lazarus (installed on Nate's computer)

Installation by Andre and Evan Lenox

Installation by Nicholas O'Brien

Installation (detail) by Louis Doulas

new pile by Duncan Malashock

Eternal Youth by Tabor Robak

Installation by Arend deGruyter-Helfer

Animated gif by Daniel Everett

RIP Brian Willson

Summer Mix 2k10 by Chris Collins
Included works:
-RIP Brian Wilson (2010)
-untitled(dust) (2009)
-me trying to play the intro part of "Nuthin But a G-Thang" on a slide whistle (2009)
-This Girl is Only Gonna Break Your Heart (2008)
-The Solo to Hotel California (2010)

Sign by Jordan Rhoat and Nate Hitchcock

Wall text

With a note left by a stranger, apparently for Chris...

Pre-show garden social