Wednesday, 22 December 2010


IT2TS is now based in New York (Nate) & Seoul (Dain).

For now you can follow some of our interests on our tumblr: Casual Arting.


Monday, 28 June 2010

Crates and Laptops pictures

Crates and Laptops took place at LIVESINNY$LA, Chicago, IL.

Works by:
Chris Collins, Arend deGruyter-Helfer, Louis Doulas, Daniel Everett, Bea Fremderman, Brian Khek, Jason Lazarus, Evan and Andre Lenox, Duncan Malashock, Nicholas O'Brien, Nik Pence, Tabor Robak, Micah Schippa, Brad Troemel, Sarah Weis

Installation by Micah Shippa

Video by Brad Troemel, installed by IT2TS

Sound and video installation by Sarah Weis

Installation by Brian Khek

Installation by Bea Fremderman

Email by Jason Lazarus (installed on Nate's computer)

Installation by Andre and Evan Lenox

Installation by Nicholas O'Brien

Installation (detail) by Louis Doulas

new pile by Duncan Malashock

Eternal Youth by Tabor Robak

Installation by Arend deGruyter-Helfer

Animated gif by Daniel Everett

RIP Brian Willson

Summer Mix 2k10 by Chris Collins
Included works:
-RIP Brian Wilson (2010)
-untitled(dust) (2009)
-me trying to play the intro part of "Nuthin But a G-Thang" on a slide whistle (2009)
-This Girl is Only Gonna Break Your Heart (2008)
-The Solo to Hotel California (2010)

Sign by Jordan Rhoat and Nate Hitchcock

Wall text

With a note left by a stranger, apparently for Chris...

Pre-show garden social

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Crates and Laptops

Crates & Laptops is organized by Jordan Rhoat and It Takes Two to Stereo for LIVESINNY$LA. Crates & Laptops is an exhibition-social presenting screen-based works, installations and performance by:

Chris Collins
Arend deGruyter-Helfer
Louis Doulas
Daniel Everett
Bea Fremderman
Brian Khek
Jason Lazarus
Evan and Andre Lenox
Duncan Malashock
Nicholas O'Brien
Nik Pence
Tabor Robak
Micah Schippa
Brad Troemel
Sarah Weis

Each artist is bringing or borrowing a laptop to show their own work. All laptops are placed on milk crates for viewing and interaction. Join us for drinks and conversation in the gallery's garden starting at 7 pm to - infinity.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Internet Conversation pictures

Pictures from Internet Conversation at the Co-Prosperity Sphere for Version Fest 2010.
Visual chatters included Dain Oh, Nate Hitchcock, Sarah Weis, Parker Ito, Brinton Holland and Jose Gaviria.

One of the monitors broke.

A smoke machine going off while Jose and Parker are writing things on the screen.

Sarah eats Constant's face in the tinychat.

m00t joins the tinychat.

Brinton showing porn on top of a 3d render of an office.

Text selected by Sarah and Nate.

Sarah and Nate liking Neen:

Neen mashup1: Takeshi Murata and Angelo Plessas

Neen mashup2: Rafael Rozendaal with Johanna Lundberg , Jenna Sutela & Timo Koro

special thanks to Jose Gaviria and Theo Darst!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Internet Conversation at Co-Prosperity Sphere for Version Fest 2010

Internet Conversation is a visual and textual conversation through the Internet taking place in the Real world.

The conversation will happen between Chicago and Rio de Janeiro.
Participants include:
Dain Oh
Nate Hitchcock
Sarah Weis

If you are interested in participating in this conversation locally or remotely, please send us your information to or to

The conversation will be webcast at

Internet Conversation was initiated by It Takes Two To Stereo and is hosted by Co-Prosperity Sphere for the 2010 Version Festival.

3219 South Morgan Street, Chicago, U.S.A.
May 1st, 9pm- 12am

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Prison Cookery pictures

Some pictures from Prison Cookery by Brinton Holland for the OP Shop, Hyde Park, Chicago, U.S.A.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Prison Cookery at the OP Shop

Our friend Brinton Holland will be in town to demonstrate cooking methods in U.S. prisons at the OP Shop in Hyde Park for his forthcoming book titled Prison Cookery. Part of the demonstration will be interactive. All ingredients paid for.

Saturday, April 17th 14:00-16:00
@ The Op Shop
1530 E. 53rd Street, Chicago, IL

"Brinton Holland (b. 1984) is a classically trained chef interested in the possibility of an everyman's molecular gastronomy. He creates food experiments using everyday objects to alter taste and presentation of traditional dishes. In the past he has used numbing agents in cakes so that its taste lasts only for a few minutes. He is also interested in the effects of subjectivity and memory on how a dishes are perceived. His current project revolves around the cooking methods and flavor profiles present in the U.S. prison system. In many cases due to rival gang members preparing kitchen food etc, prisoners are left only with prepackaged food from the commissary to survive on. They must resort to a minimal and innovative set of cooking methods to prepare their meals. These are often representational, even akin to the single egg pizza recently produced by Moto's Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche. Holland has been interviewing ex-convicts (and sometimes eating nothing but these dishes for days) for his forthcoming book also titled Prison Cookery. It will outline a brief history of cooking in prison cells, discuss cooking methods and trickle-down techniques taken from interviews in its appendix as well as discuss new possibilities for prison cooking based on ingredients found in a standard U.S. commissary.

On April 17th (14:00-16:00), Holland will be giving a demonstration of several dishes commonly prepared from commissary foods. These include burritos, pizzas, nachos and desserts. He will also be offering a participatory demonstration of selected spreads, allowing audience members to prepare their own foods on the spot. All ingredients and tools will be provided.

Brinton Holland lives and works in Waco, Texas.
This event is sponsored by It Takes Two To Stereo and hosted by the OP Shop."

"The Opportunity Shop is a transitory, experimental project space for contemporary art in Hyde Park.

The Op Shop is dedicated to creating alternative sites of exchange around art in vacant urban spaces. Come be a part of its second iteration at 1530 E. 53rd Street, Hyde Park, where local, national and international artists come together to creatively facilitate conversation and community interaction in a dynamic art environment.

This large one story building, made available by The University of Chicago, offers a chance to create innovative encounters between artists and audiences, and new ways of connecting art to urban change."