Wednesday 4 November 2009

Untitled Apartment

**Edit: Mitch Trale's web piece is also included now.


*~*~*~*~`this is an exhibition for SOMETHING NEW~!~*!~**~~

arend degruyter-helfer, dain oh, duncan malashock, nate hitchcock, mitch trale

untitled apartment

the works on display are all digital and will be installed in a bedroom.
1 website by duncan malashock (projected), (
1 video by arend degruyter-helfer (projected), (Screensaver 2 (Curtains))
1 website by mitch trale (laptop), (Analogue Environments)
1 video by dain oh (tv) and (Glitter TV)
a remix of 36 chambers by nate hitchcock. (CuteTang)
additional decorations will be provided by it2ts (it takes 2 to stereo).

12pm - 10pm, 11/11/09

8 w monroe apartment # 1100, chicago, il 60603 (there is security at the entrance of the building so please tell them that you're going up to apt 1100. please also email or with the time you will be stopping by if you can)

You can also take a tour of all of the works in Something New for only $2 (to be used toward gas). The van project is run by Jordan Rhoat and WELIVENY$LA.

Contact for the bus tour: , and 814-215-0304.

Untitled Apartment is organized by It Takes 2 To Stereo

Something New is organized by Nikola Tosic and Sarah Weis